Vision Resources

RIDBC have developed a range of vision resources, designed to support adults, children, families and health professionals; from apps and iBooks to networking resources.


Accessible information services

We help with braille, tactile and other alternative format production of print materials, from books and school materials to public and business documents and signs, such as menus and business cards. 

UEB and UEB Maths Online

UEB Online is the world’s first eLearning braille course. This award-winning platform is designed to help people who can see to support those who use braille as a vital part of their communication. Learning Unified English Braille (UEB) code has never been easier with this accessible online platform.

The Australian Childhood Vision Impairment Register (ACVIR)

A resource for parents and guardians of children aged up to 18 years with vision impairment, the register will help us to better understand blindness and low vision in Australia and determine the common conditions that cause it. Joining the register provides access to a website and forum for parents to find information and connect with each other.

Early Learning Access Technology Framework

A guide to help families and educators support children who are blind or have significant vision impairment to develop technology skills, making learning to use technology enjoyable, meaningful and motivating.