School Services

RIDBC school services are designed to ensure your child has access to a high-quality curriculum in an inclusive environment. We support your child with orientation and mobility, braille literacy and access to information, technology and learning aids to ensure your child can participate fully in their educational setting.

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A personalised, holistic approach

RIDBC works with your child and your family through each stage of development, to support your child’s learning and provide access to the right technologies, aids and environments to support them through their educational journey.

Whether your child attends a mainstream school or a specialist educational program, we help your child reach their potential with functional assessments and intervention to promote your child’s:

  • Independent mobility
  • Communication and social interaction skills
  • Active participation in daily activities, including self-care and recreation and leisure activities
  • Access to information.

Our services include the whole family. We work closely with you, your child and your family, so that you have the confidence, knowledge and skills to continue to support your child’s learning needs at home and in the community.

Specialist schooling

RIDBC Alice Betteridge School, based in North Rocks, NSW offers a K – 6 mainstream curriculum with specialist support for children who are deafblind or have a significant level of vision impairment.

Our inclusive and accessible program delivers on the educational outcomes of the national curriculum alongside an expanded curriculum to build a sense of belonging and give your child the confidence and knowledge to navigate life beyond school. Our specialist, multidisciplinary team helps your child develop core life skills, across:

  • Social interaction, communication and self-advocacy
  • Decision-making
  • Sensory efficiency
  • Technology
  • Orientation and independent mobility
  • Braille literacy.

Support for students in mainstream schools

RIDBC provides support for students with vision impairment in mainstream, independent schools. This support can include:

  • Regular classroom visits by a specialist teacher of children with vision impairment to check in with your child and advocate for any additional supports required to increase your child’s access to the curriculum through braille and assistive technologies and monitor their progress.
  • Assessment and guidance on low-vision aids and assistive technologies to support full access to curriculum materials and continued learning for your child.
  • Training and development for teachers at your child’s school so they can support quality outcomes in the classroom. This may include using assistive technologies to maximise access to visual information and promoting an inclusive classroom environment.

Who is this service for?

RIDBC school services are available to any child who:

  • Is between the ages of 6 – 17 for school support services, or 4 years, 9 months – 12 for Alice Bettridge School
  • Requires specialist schooling or additional support at their independent school.