Our preschool services offer an inclusive environment for children with vision impairment, designed to foster language, emotional and social development, orientation and mobility and braille familiarity, and enhance your child’s self-esteem and independence.

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Ethan learning about sea creatures

Vision Ed Preschool – a supportive learning environment

RIDBC’s Vision Ed Preschool is an inclusive, innovative preschool environment designed to enhance your child’s sense of belonging and support learning outcomes in the preschool years.

Aligned with the Australian Government’s Early Learning Framework, our program develops the foundations of braille literacy, orientation and mobility, and age appropriate independence. We introduce and develop confidence with a range of low vision aids, alternative format resources, and assistive technologies so your child can participate in fun and meaningful experiences as they prepare for a lifetime of learning.

Access to specialist care

Our program is designed to incorporate your NDIS goals, offering access to orthoptists and assistive technology consultants to conduct assessments and ensure your child has access to the most appropriate aids, technology and environment to foster learning.

Preschool support services

We offer specialist services for children with vision impairment to support your child’s access and inclusion in a mainstream preschool program. Services can be provided to most community preschools across Australia.

Who is this service for?

RIDBC preschool and preschool support services are available to any child who:

  • Is blind or has a vision impairment
  • Attends preschool or long day care
  • Has not yet enrolled in formal schooling.