The Rainbow Gold by David Cable

RIDBC Background

David, a charismatic author from Sydney’s Northern Beaches has decided to leave a lasting legacy, with a gift to RIDBC in his will. 

David, who is the author of historical novel, The Rainbow Gold, dedicated to the memory of his much-loved wife, Lynda, says “Lyn and I were married in 1962. When we realised that we were not going to have children of our own, we decided to make donations to charities which supported children – she loved children.”

David and Lyn, long-standing and generous supporters of RIDBC, experienced first-hand the challenges of living with vision impairment. “In her late sixties, Lyn was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration that would ultimately take away her eye sight. She was finding it difficult to find a talking book that she had not read. I jokingly said ‘I will write you one’ and I did” says David.

“Before Lyn passed away we decided to leave the majority of our estate to organisations that support children and their families. I know RIDBC will continue to support future generations to come and it makes me happy to know that I’m able to leave a lasting legacy.”

Through his bequest, David, and others like him will help to secure the future of thousands of children and adults with vision or hearing loss, and will ensure the continuation of RIDBC’s vital services. 

David has generously donated the electronic version of his book to RIDBC, to be available for download as a thank you gift for RIDBC supporters, regular givers and alumni. To access this compelling read, click here.

If you would like more information with regard to leaving a gift in your Will to RIDBC,
please call Bequests on 02 9872 0325.

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