RIDBC Assessment Service - Royal Institute for Deaf & Blind Children

RIDBC Assessment Service

RIDBC Background

RIDBC Assessment Service provides a specialised assessment and advisory service that assists families to better support the educational and developmental needs of children who are deaf, blind, or who have significant vision or hearing impairment, including children with additional disabilities.


•    Individual and team assessments
•    Formal and functional assessments
•    Comprehensive report with recommendations
•    Pre and post assessment discussion
•    Psychologist, Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Orthoptist,
Physiotherapist, Audiologist, Access Technology Consultant and Paediatrician, Specialist teachers
•    Onsite accommodation

Who can apply for enrolment?

RIDBC Assessment Service is available to any child from birth until school completion, who is blind, deaf or who has significant vision or hearing impairment.

Where is RIDBC Assessment Service located?

RIDBC North Rocks campus, 361-365 North Rocks Road, North Rocks NSW 2151.

How do you apply for enrolment?

A medical referral is not necessary but documentation of the child’s sensory impairment is required.  For further information and an application form, telephone (02) 9872 0753.