Research Publication

The Renwick Centre conducts research in areas relating to the education of children with sensory disabilities. Research Projects, Publications (Books, Books Chapters, Journal Articles, Conference Addresses) and Editorial Responsibilities for 2016.


  • The early communicative environment prior to and following cochlear implants: impact on children’s early communicative and cognitive development (Prof. Edith Bavin, Dr Julia Sarant, Prof. Candy Petersen, Dr Peter Busby, & Prof. Greg Leigh). Research supported by ARC Linkage Grant LP 110100070.
  • e-IMP Online: Development of the Infant Monitor of vocal Production (IMP) as an online assessment instrument (Dr Robyn Cantle Moore). Supported by the HEARing Cooperative Research Centre.
  • Examining the effect of unilateral hearing loss on infant vocal development. (Dr Robyn Cantle Moore).
  • Exploring data trends, IMP : MacArthur-Bates CDI at 2 years. (Dr Robyn Cantle Moore). Supported by Macquarie University, Professional and Community Engagement initiative.
  • Proof of Concept evaluation: The role of Language Environment Analysis (LENA) in qualifying rehabilitation support for elderly CI recipients. (Dr Robyn Cantle Moore & Colleen Psarros).
  • Longitudinal outcomes of hearing-impaired children: Early vs later intervention (Dr Teresa Ching, Prof. Harvey Dillon, Prof. Linda Cupples, Prof. Greg Leigh, Dr Malin Waas). National Acoustic Laboratories-led project supported by US National Institutes of Health Grant Number: 2R01DC008080-06.
  • Pilot evaluation of combined investigational device: CI4CID with controlled dose of dexamethasone (Prof. Robert Cowan, A/Prof. Robert Briggs, Prof. Stephen O’Leary, Kerry Plant, Ruth English, A/Prof. Catherine Birman, & Leanne Babic). Supported by the HEARing Cooperative Research Centre.
  • Prediction of outcomes in adult cochlear implant recipients (Prof. Robert Cowan, Kerry Plant, Dr Pamela Dawson, Ruth English, Dr Komal Arora, Jason Garvilis, Michelle Moran, Alex Rousset, Leanne Babic, Karen Pedley, & Dr Jacqueline Anderson). Supported by the HEARing Cooperative Research Centre.
  • Outcomes of cochlear implant revision surgery and outcomes (A/Prof. Melville daCruz, Dr Isabelle Boisvert, Dr Valerie Looi, Mariana Reis).
  • Accessible UEB Online: Developing an on-line training program in the Unified English Braille Code for learners who are blind or have low vision (Dr Frances Gentle). Research and development supported by the JSDJS Foundation and the James N. Kirby Foundation.
  • Music training for hearing impaired children and its effect on speech perception and social development – PhD project (Chi Yhun Lo―Supervisor/s: A/Prof. Catherine McMahon, Dr Valerie Looi, & Prof. Bill Thompson).
  • Retrospective historical study of outcomes for Canberra cochlear implant surgeries for SCIC (Janet Kenyon, Alireza Moghadam, & Dr Valerie Looi)
  • The effectiveness of telepractice in delivering specialist early intervention services to deaf and hard of hearing children and their families—PhD project (Melissa McCarthySupervisor/s: Prof. Greg Leigh & Prof Michael Arthur-Kelly). Supported by the HEARing Cooperative Research Centre.
  • Assessment of patterns of teacher-student interactions in sign language-inclusive classrooms (Prof. Jemina Napier, Prof. Greg Leigh, Della Goswell, & Dr Beda Carty). Supported by Macquarie University/RIDBC Enterprise partnership Grant.
  • A review of oral support services for people of working age with a hearing loss—MPhil project (Michele NealonSupervisor/s: Prof. Philip Newall & Prof. Greg Leigh).
  • Auditory processing in older persons - implications for hearing aid fitting. (Prof. Philip Newall & Prof. Paul Mitchell)
  • The delivery of cochlear implantation related services in a remote access environmentPhD project—Macquarie University (Colleen Psarros—Supervisor/s: A/Prof Catherine McMahon,  Prof. Greg Leigh & Prof. Robert Cowan). Supported by the HEARing Cooperative Research Centre.
  • Field testing and further development of two paediatric audiological speech tests in the Indonesian language (INDO-SPRITT AND INDO-SPASP). (Dahlia Sartika & Prof. Philip Newall).
  • Profiling children with vision impairment in Australia (Oz Vizkids): A national register of children with vision impairment (Sue Silveira). Research supported by the Japan Australia Friendship Fund (JAFF).


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