Reading Instruction with SPARK! (Some Practical Activities for Reading & Kids!)

$150 for the full series

Reading is a fundamental skill for all students to master in school—including, of course, our students who have low vision or are blind. But do you ever hear your students say “I’m just not good at reading!” or “Can’t I just listen to this?” or “Reading is no fun”? Do you ever feel as though you have to drag your students through their reading and writing assignments?    

This series of six one-hour webinars will help you put the SPARK back into reading! Each webinar will present information on a specific topic along with practical, kid-friendly (and teacher-friendly!) activities that you can do to help motivate and captivate students to engage in reading and writing. Topics to be covered will include:

Phonemic awareness: The sounds of language Recording now available. 

Phonics and word recognition: “Hey! I know that word!” Recording now available

 Vocabulary:  Goodbye to “Mad, Glad, Sad”! 13 May

Comprehension: Reading for a purpose 24 June

Fluency: Reading on ice skates 29 July

Writing: Every Child an Author 9 September

The information and activities shared will apply to both print readers and braille readers, with an understanding of how the child’s visual impairment may impact learning in that specific area.