HOPE Seminar: Supporting Students with Otitis Media

Free of Charge

Personal experiences as a parent and TOD have literally placed me into situations where I have seen first-hand the real struggles children of all ages and across all sectors and in all areas (health, education & wellbeing) are dealing with. I have become very concerned that these issues continue to affect so many of our children, many of who don’t have a diagnosis, are unsupported (medical/education/technologically), and have parents/carers, and teachers who are generally unaware of the implications associated with this disease.

Over the past few years, I’ve had several opportunities to attend national conferences regarding best practice for health aspects of OM (otitis media), and from the outlook, one might get the impression that Australia and NSW are doing OK in this area! Those conferences though, don’t reflect enough of the real issues!

We as educators and parents get to see the day to day life aspects that OM is causing for these kids! The support for these children is scarce! The gaps and lack of service provision and good follow up have just grown larger and thus the “roll on” effects across the child’s life continue to stand out as a real problem.  The implications are quite diverse! These kids are in our schools, or not! They’re also in JJ’s (Juvenile Justice).

From a medical perspective there are well researched pathways to follow for treatment, however without support, many children simply aren’t getting to the GP let alone the ENT, or aren’t on any pathway to having better ear health and hearing! We’ve failed them because, for any number of reasons they’ve slipped through the net!

The Hear our Heart Ear Bus Project’s strategy is to support these children with a strong focus on education engaging the children in prevention & awareness programs. From a health perspective the project provides targeted full diagnostic hearing screening for diagnosis of ear health issues and or hearing loss.  From that point then the support pathway is focussed on the individual, their learning environment, their teachers and parents gaining greater understanding of all implications, treatment, ways to differentiate learning, and really focussing on providing what is best practice for educational and health potential .

The project has effective partnerships with the local communities that demonstrate sensitivity to culture and a safe environment for the children.

The Hope seminar will provide participants with details of the project, real life testimonials where the success of this unique program has made a difference to so many children, teachers, schools and communities. 

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