HOPE Seminar: Spoken Language Outcomes of 5-year old Children who Received Early Cochlear Implantation: a population-based study.

Free of Charge

Spoken language outcomes of children who received cochlear implants (CI) are highly variable. The extent to which variability in outcomes may be related to demographic variables and device configuration (unilateral CI, bimodal, or bilateral CI) was not known.  To address the gap of knowledge, this talk draws on a population-based study in Australia that investigated factors influencing longitudinal outcomes of children with hearing impairment (the LOCHI study ). 

The study included 163 children who received a cochlear implant before 3 years of age.  Evaluations were conducted at 6- and 12-months post-implantation, and also at 3 and 5 years of age.  Multiple regression analyses revealed that age of implantation, non-verbal cognitive ability, presence of additional disabilities and communication mode in early intervention were significant predictors of language outcomes. Implications for services to improve children’s outcomes will be discussed.

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