HOPE Seminar: Assessment and Management of Infants Before Cochlear Implantation


With full national coverage of Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Programs in Australia and increased access to information about hearing loss and management options through early intervention service providers and the electronic media, more parents of babies with severe-profound hearing loss have the opportunity and knowledge to seek very early cochlear implantation for their baby (before 12 months of age). Early intervention service providers have an important role to play in assessing and managing these babies before cochlear implantation. This role includes the use of appropriate early communication assessment protocols to obtain (1) a baseline measure of the infant’s preverbal communication skills before cochlear implantation and to (2) identify any red flags in the infant’s preverbal communication development that may potentially impact on the child’s spoken language outcome with a cochlear implant. In the pre-operative period, the early intervention service provider also plays a role in facilitating the development of the infant’s preverbal communication skills that will support the child’s communication development with a cochlear implant.    

In this presentation early communication assessment protocols for infants with severe-profound hearing loss will be discussed as well as how assessment results may be used to identify the infant’s potential linguistic needs following cochlear implantation so that appropriate programs of support can be put in place as early as possible. Pre-operative management goals for the family and for the infant will also be identified. Examples of activities to encourage the infant’s sound awareness with hearing aids and development of preverbal communication skills such as eye contact, joint attention and turn-taking will be provided.

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