Lindsey’s opportunity to learn from people she has admired

For current student, Lindsey Patti, studying her Master of Disability Studies (Vision Impairment) at RIDBC Renwick Centre/ Macquarie University, is giving her the chance to follow her dreams and learn from people she has long admired.

Lindsey hopes to continue teaching students with a vision impairment

Lindsey first qualified as a teacher in her home country of the USA.  She always had an interest in working with children who have additional needs, and when she moved to Australia, she took a position with the Statewide Support Service at Kilparrin Teaching and Assessment School in South Australia.

The service offers support to teachers across the state who are teaching children with vision and/or hearing loss and additional disabilities in mainstream schools and early intervention settings.  "Through my job, I really discovered that I had a passion for teaching children with vision impairment," she says. 

Lindsey enrolled in the Master of Disability Studies (Education: Vision Impairment) at RIDBC Renwick Centre in 2017. She says she chose Renwick Centre because it’s known as the place to go for education in teaching children with vision impairment.  “One of the real highlights for me, and one of the reasons I chose Renwick, is getting to work with the leaders in the field. I had read the work of many of them, so meeting these people I admired was fantastic – getting to learn directly from them was even better.”

The course commences with an intensive residential experience, designed to give them some practical skills that are immediately transferable. “The residential subjects were great – getting to meet everyone on the course and really immersing yourself in the course to kick things off was invaluable,” she says.  “Being from interstate, staying onsite and having everything nearby just made everything easy too,” she adds.

After the residential, students return home to continue their studies online.  Lindsey says the interactive and flexible nature of the online courses enabled her to continue her studies through two pregnancies and two new babies.  “The digital platform means I can study when and where I want – and even though it’s online, you have access to such an impressive array of resources through the library, it’s fantastic."

Next stop for Lindsey, who is set to graduate in 2020, is the practicum component, where she will have the chance to begin applying the skills and knowledge she has developed on the course.  

After graduation, Lindsey hopes to continue working at Kilparrin, with a new focus on teaching students with a vision impairment. "I can't wait to be qualified as a teacher of students with vision impairment.  I'll be able to help others and follow my passion and I can't wait to put everything I've learnt into practice," she concludes.

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