Josh continues to make education accessible for students with hearing loss

Recently graduated, today Josh is a qualified itinerant teacher of the deaf

Recently graduated, today Josh is a qualified itinerant Teacher of the Deaf

Josh Davidson was working as a primary school teacher when he found himself presented with a new challenge. A class he was teaching included some deaf, blind, and one deafblind student and although Josh had a special education focus, he wanted to do more to increase their access to quality education.   

"I always strive to provide all my students access to the education they deserve and in this case I felt there was more I could do to deliver that. So I went searching for the skills to give deaf and blind students the best educational outcomes,' he explained.

While Josh wanted a quality academic experience, as a father to two young children living on the NSW Mid-North Coast, he also knew he needed a course that was flexible and would fit in with his lifestyle. He found both at RIDBC Renwick Centre/Macquarie University, where he commenced his Master of Disability Studies (Education: Hearing Deaf and Hard of Hearing) in 2017.

While most of his studies were completed online, a small number took place at the RIDBC campus in Sydney, in a short intensive residential format; minimising the time away from family and providing onsite accommodation. Josh lists these residentials as one of the highlights, particularly when it came to networking and sharing experiences. 

He recalls one particular experience that really impacted how he approaches his job. "On one course, some people with hearing loss presented on their own experiences of school, and many of their experiences were negative. It gave me invaluable insight into understanding how I could impact their journey. I realised I had an opportunity to play a role in making sure their stories were positive ones," he said.

Recently graduated, today Josh is a qualified itinerant Teacher of the Deaf.  Although he has a heavy caseload, it is clear that Josh loves his job. "I really get a kick out of seeing my students grow socially, as well as academically. Empowering them to step out and break down barriers is why I do what I do," he said.

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