Frequently Asked Questions

The RIDBC Renwick Centre observes the calendar of Macquarie University. To assist you in planning your study, please refer to the semester dates which provides information on the semester weeks, University vacations and examination periods.

I have changed my address. Who should I advise?

Amend your address via e-student and also email your new details to the Centre Secretary.

Are campus conferences compulsory?

If a campus conference has been scheduled for a course, it should be considered compulsory. Students are required to attend the campus conference in its entirety.

Is a practicum a compulsory component of my masters program?

All students completing the Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Blind/Vision Impaired or Sensory Disability specialisations are required to complete a practicum. Qualified teachers are required to complete a supervised teaching practicum. Students who do not hold a teaching qualification are required to complete an alternative practicum that is relevant to their profession and study goals. Further details about the requirements of practicum may be obtained by contacting Alison Hawkins-Bond, Professional Experience Coordinator.

I have nearly completed my study. Can you tell me more about graduation?

Macquarie University will qualify you for your degree and invite you to the next round of graduations either in the April or October that follows completion of your study. The University ceremony is a grand event and is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your achievement. The ceremony is conducted on the Macquarie Park campus.

Following completion of your studies, please ensure you continue to check your student email address and also maintain your contact details (postal address and phone) with the University to ensure you receive information about your graduation ceremonies.