2019 New Items

New Items List for 2019

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Advances in the sign language development of deaf children / Brenda Schick, Marc Marschark, & Patricia Elizabeth Spencer
419 ADVA

Articulation and phonological disorders : speech sound disorders in children / John E. Bernthal, Nicholas W. Bankson & Peter Flipsen Jr., 8th ed.
616.855 BERN 2017

Clinical management of binocular vision : heterophoric, accommodative, and eye movement disorders / Mitchell Scheiman & Bruce Wick
617.762 SCHE

Cochlear implants : adult and pediatric / J. Thomas Roland & David S. Haynes
617.89 COCH-4

Deafness, community and culture in Britain : leisure and cohesion, 1945-1995 / Martin Atherton
362.4209427 ATHE

Disability and popular culture : focusing passion, creating community and expressing defiance / Katie Ellis
305.908 ELLI

Ear implants / Colin L. Driscoll & Brian A. Neff
617.89 EARI

Earshot / Kate Disher-Quill
Q305.9082 DISH

From pity to pride : growing up deaf in the Old South / Hannah Joyner
305.90820975 JOYN

Have dog, will travel : a poet's journey / Stephen Kuusisto
811.54 KUUS

Implementing inclusive education : issues in bridging the policy-practice gap / Amanda Watkins & Cor Meijer
371.9046 IMPL

Introduction to clinical methods in communication disorders / Rhea Paul, 3rd ed.
616.855 PAUL-1

Introduction to research in the health sciences / Stephen Polgar & Shane A. Thomas, 6th ed.
610.72 POLG

Managing and leading people through organizational change : the theory and practice of sustaining change through people / Julie Hodges
658.4092 HODG

The perseverance / Raymond Antrobus
821.92 ANTR-1

The Routledge handbook of visual impairment / John Ravenscroft
617.7 RAVE

Sight unseen : gender and race through blind eyes / Ellyn Kaschak
305 KASC

The silent book : a deaf family and the disappearing Australian-Irish sign language / Bernadette T Wallis
362.42092 WALL

Sound : stories of hearing lost and found / Bella Bathurst
305.9082 BATH

Special educational needs, inclusion and diversity / Norah Frederickson & Tony Cline, 3rd ed.
371.90941 FRED

To sweeten bitter / Raymond Antrobus
821.92 ANTR

Voice : Adam Pottle on writing with deafness / Adam Pottle
813.6 POTT


KidTrax : speech tracking materials for children / MED-EL
Kit Q371.912 PLAN-3 2018


Active support : enabling and empowering people with intellectual disabilities / Jim Mansell & Julie Beadle-Brown
362.2 MANS
Augmentative and alternative communication intervention : an intensive, immersive, socially based service delivery model / Janet L. Dodd
616.85503 DODD
Avery / written and illustrated by Marta Altes
823.4 ALTE
A deaf dog joins the family : training, education, and communication for a smooth transition / Terrie Hayward
636.7 HAYW
Deaf in the USSR : marginality, community, and Soviet identity, 1917-1991 / Claire L. Shaw
305.908209470904 SHAW
Deafness down / Michael Uniacke
362.42092 UNIA
Detroit's deaf heritage / Kathleen Brockway
362.420973 BROC
Hearing differently : growing up with a cochlear implant / Karina Cotran
362.42 COTR
Hearing the need : the Deafness Foundation 1974 to 2006 / Ellaine Downie
362.420994 DOWN
I'm here / Peter H. Reynolds
813 REYN
Implantable hearing devices other than cochlear implants / Gauri Mankekar
617.89 IMPL
The language of light : a history of silent voices / Gerald Shea
305.9082 SHEA
Linguistics of American Sign Language : an introduction, 5th ed. / Clayton Valli, Ceil Lucas, Kristin J. Mulrooney & Miako Villanueva
419 VALL 2011
Managing meltdowns : using the S.C.A.R.E.D. calming technique with children and adults with autism / Deborah Lipsky & Will Richards
616.85882 LIPS
Managing the experience of hearing loss in Britain, 1830-1930 / Graeme Gooday & Karen Sayer
362.420941 GOOD
Medical aspects of autism and Asperger syndrome : a guide for parents and professionals / Mohammad Ghaziuddin
616.85882 GHAZ
Pediatric sensorineural hearing loss : clinical diagnosis and management / Samantha Anne, Judith E.C. Lieu, & Margaret A. Kenna
617.80083 PEDI
Physiology, psychoacoustics and cognition in normal and impaired hearing / Pim van Dijk, Deniz Baskent, Etienne Gaudrain, Emile de Kleine, Anita Wagner & Cris Lanting
612.85 PHYS
Research in deaf education : contexts, challenges, and considerations / Stephanie W. Cawthon & Carrie Lou Garberoglio
371.912 RESE
Sensing the rhythm : finding my voice in a world without sound / Mandy Harvey and Mark Atteberry
782.42 HARV
Silent days, silent dreams / Allen Say
813.54 SAY
Your guide to successful postgraduate study / Geoffrey C. Elliott, Karima Kadi-Hanifi & Carla Solvason
378.155 ELLI


Assistive technology in special education : resources to support literacy, communication, and learning differences / Joan L. Green.
371.9045 GREE
Auditory processing disorders : assessment, management, and treatment. 3rd ed. / Donna Geffner & Deborah Ross-Swain.
618.7 GEFF 2019
Being and hearing : making intelligible worlds in Deaf Kathmandu / Peter Graif.
305.90820954 GRAI
Being blind / Linda O'Neill
813.6 ONEI
Cochlear implants for young children. 2nd ed. / Edited by Barry McCormick & Sue Archbold.
617.8820083 MCCO 2003
Crooked paths made straight : a blind teacher's adventures traveling around the world / Isabelle L.D. Grant.
371.100922 GRAN
Deaf culture : exploring deaf communities in the Unites States / Irene W. Leigh, Jean F. Andrews & Raychelle L. Harris.
305.90820973 LEIG
Emmanuel's dream : the true story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah / Laurie Ann Thompson & Sean Qualls.
813 THOM-1
Encouraging language development in early childhood settings / Janice Greenberg & Elaine Weitzman.
Q372.6 WEIT-1
Fostering peer interaction in early childhood settings / Janie Greenberg & Elaine Weitzman.
Q372.6 WEIT-2
Inclusion in the early years / Cathy Nutbrown & Peter Clough.
371.9046 NUTB
Let language lead the way to literacy / Janice Greenberg & Elaine Weitzman.
Q372.6 WEIT-3
The life and times of T.H. Gallaudet / Edna Edith Sayers.
371.912092 GALL:S
Notes on blindness : a journey through the dark / John M. Hull.
362.41092 HULL
Raising children with cochlear implants : personal narratives from a family's journey / Amy Milani.
649.1512 MILA
The SAGE handbook of qualitative research / Norman K. Denzin & Yvonna S. Lincoln.
300.72 SAGE
Skateboard sonar / Eric Stevens.
813.6 STEV
Small talk : bringing listening and spoken language to your young child with hearing loss / Ellie White & Jenna Voss.
649.1512 WHIT
Strategy to see : strategies for students with cerebral/cortical visual impairment. 4th ed. / Diane Sheline.
Q362.418 SHEL
Teach reflect learn : building your capacity for success in the classroom / Pete Hall & Alisa Simeral.
371.102 HALL-1
Transitioning children with disabilities : from early childhood through adulthood / Antonio L. Ellis (Ed.)
371.904 ELLI
The trouble with illness : how illness and disability affect relationships / Julia Segal.
362.4043 SEGA
Visible learning for literacy : implementing the practices that work best to accelerate student learning / Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey & John Hattie.
372.6 FISH


Acceptance, justice and equality : exploring reconciliation in early childhood education and care / Catharine Hydon & Adam Duncan.
372.210994 HYDO
Adult cochlear implant rehabilitation / Karen Pedley (Ed.) et al.
617.88220592 ADUL
Blended practices for teaching young children in inclusive settings / Jennifer Grisham-Brown & Mary Louise Hemmeter.
371.9046 GRIS 2017
Cochlear anatomy via microdissection with clinical implications : an atlas / Charles G. Wright & Peter S. Roland.
611.85 WRIG
Cochlear implantation in children with inner ear malformation and cochlear nerve deficiency / Kimitaka Kaga (Ed.).
617.89 COCH-3
Cochlear implants : advances, efficacy and future directions / Herbert W. Courtney (Ed.).
617.88220592 COCH-1
Cochlear implants : auditory prostheses and electric hearing / Fan-Gang Zeng (Ed.). et al.
617.882 COCH-3
Fairy magic / Cerrie Burnell & Laura Ellen Anderson.
813.54 BURN
Inclusion, disability and culture / Elsayed Elshabrawy Ahmad Hassanein.
371.9046 HASS
Joanna the deaf princess / Joel Mankowski ; illustrated by Susan Dupor.
813.54 MANK
Miss Little's gift / Douglas Wood ; illustrated by Jim Burke.
813 WOOD
My brother John / Joanne Zellweger ; illustrated by Andy Elliott.
813.54 ZELL
New beginnings : acquiring and living with a cochlear implant / Michael Stinson & Gerard Buckley (Eds.).
617.8820092 NEWB
Pickwell's binocular vision anomalies. 5th edition / Bruce J.W. Evans.
617.762 PICK
Respecting diversity / Anastasia Suen
813 SUEN
Special educational needs and inclusive practices : an international perspective / Fabio Dovigo (Ed.).
371.9046 SPEC
STEM in early childhood education / Marianne Knaus & Pauline Roberts.
372.35044 KNAU
Strengthening quality through critical reflection and action research / Linda Newman et al.
372.210721 NEWM
Supporting children with sensory impairment / Gill Blairmires et al.
Q371.910941  BLAI


SPICE : speech perception instructional curriculum and evaluation. Second edition. / Revised by Jennifer Manley.
STACK KIT 618.920978 SPIC 2017
Belonging : an autoethnography of a life in sign language / Noel O'Connell
362.42092 OCON
A boy and a jaguar / Alan Rabinowitz
813 RABI
Case studies in deaf education: inquiry, application, and resources / Caroline Guardino et al.
371.912 GUAR
Child protection and disability : practical challenges for research / Deborah Fry et al.
362.76087 FRYD
Co-enrollment in deaf education / edited by Marc Marschark et al.
371.912 COEN
Educating special students : an introduction to provision for learners with disabilities and disorders. Third edition. / Michael Farrell
371.90941 FARR-2 2017
Evidence-based practices in deaf education / edited by Harry Knoors & Marc Marschark
371.912 EVID
From pathology to public sphere : the German Deaf movement 1848-1914 / Ylva Soderfeldt
305.9082 SODE
Intentional teaching of cultural competence in play-based settings: a cultural-historical view / Marilyn Fleer
372.21 FLEE-1
Language disorders : a functional approach to assessment & intervention. Sixth edition / Robert E. Owens Jr.
618.92855 OWEN 2014
Language processing treatment activities / Gail J. Richard & Mary Anne Hanner
Q616.85889 RICH
Making it a success : practical strategies and worksheets for teaching students with autism spectrum disorder
Q371.94 LARK
Phonological awareness : from research to practice. Second edition / Gail T. Gillon
372.465 GILL 2018
Promoting social skills in the inclusive classroom / Kimber L. Wilkerson et al.
371.90460973 WILK
Schools and classes for exceptional children : the child with impaired vision / Los Angeles City Schools
371.91 LOSA
A special kind of grief : the complete guide for supporting bereavement and loss in special schools / Sarah Helton
371.713 HELT
Sign language interpreting : theory and practice. Third edition / Jemina Napier et al.
418.02 NAPI-1 2018
Six little dots / Philippe Claudet
813.6 CLAU
Where I stand : on the signing community and my deafblind experience / John Lee Clark
305.9081 CLAR
The William Hoy story / Nancy Churnin
813.54 HOY:C


Dare to be different : engaging through the arts / Written and directed by Maggie Miles
371.9 MILE
Early listening at home : curriculum for infants and toddlers with hearing loss / Jennifer Manley, Judith Odendahl & Megan Samson
Q371.9123 MANL
Building self-confidence & resilience to maximize acceptance of hearing devices : guide to building awareness and skills to facilitate daily use of hearing devices early childhood through high school / Karen L. Anderson
Q371.9120973 ANDE-1
Change management in a week / Mike and Pippa Bourne
658.06 BOUR
The coaching habit : say less, ask more & change the way you lead forever / Michael Bungay Stanier
658.3124 BUNG
Cochlear implants, Third edition / Susan B. Waltzman & J. Thomas Roland Jr.
Q617.882 WALT 2014
Cortical visual impairment : advanced principles / Christine Roman-Lantzy
Q362.418 ROMA-1
Do you remember the color blue? And other questions kids ask about blindness / Sally Hobart Alexander
813.6 ALEX
Dual-language learning for children with hearing loss : assessment, intervention and program development / Michael Douglas
Q371.912 DOUG
Efficacy of assistive technology interventions / Editor, Dave L. Edyburn
371.9045 EFFI
The flying optometrist / Joanne Anderton
A823.4 ANDE
Handbook of leadership and administration for special education, Second edition / Jean B. Crockett, Bonnie Billingsley & Mary Lynn Boscardin
371.9043 HAND
Helping children with difficult things / Pam Linke
155.413 LINK
How to be a happy academic / Alexander Clark & Bailey Sousa
378.12 CLAR
The innovation race : how to change a culture to change the game / Andrew & Gaia Grant
658.406 GRAN
It takes two to talk ;  a practical guide for parents of children with language delays / Elaine Weitzman
Q649.68 ITTA 2017
The late eight, Third edition / Kenneth M. Bleile
616.855 BLEI-1
Minnie & Max are OK! / Chris Calland & Nicky Hutchinson
813 CALL
Painting in the dark : Esref Armagan, Blind artist / Rachelle Burk
813.6 ARMA:B
Pediatric audiology : diagnosis, technology and management / Jane R. Madell, Carol Flexer, Jace Wolfe & Erin C. Schafer
Q618.9209789 MADE 2019
Sunny and her cochlear implants / Susanna Dussling
813.54 DUSS
Visual impairment and work : experiences of visually impaired people / Sally French
331.5910941 FREN


Can I play, too? / by Mo Willems
813 WILL
Children's speech sound disorders / Caroline Bowen
618.92855 BOWE-1 2015
Copyright in the classroom : a practical guide / [Nathan Webster]
Q346.940482 WEBS-1
Deaf in DC : a memoir / Madan Vasishta
362.42092 VASI
Early language intervention for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers / Robert E. Owens, Jr. (College of Saint Rose)
Q616.8550083 OWEN
Education & copyright compliance : a toolkit / author: Jo Teng
Q346.940482 TENG-3
Ethics in action : a practical guide to implementing the ECA Code of ethics / Lennie Barblett, Catherine Hydon and Anne Kennedy
Q174.9372 BARB
Experiencing compassion-focused therapy from the inside out : a self-practice/self-reflection workbook for therapists / Russell L. Kolts and 3 others ; foreword by Paul Gilbert
Q616.891425 KOLT
Inclusion in action : practical strategies to modify your curriculum / by Nicole Eredics
Q371.90460973 ERED
Mobility of visually impaired people : fundamentals and ICT assistive technologies / Edwige Pissaloux, Ramiro Vel·zquez, editors
681.761 PISS
Partners in O&M : supporting orientation and mobility for students who are visually impaired / Rona L. Pogrund and Nora Griffin-Shirley, editors
371.911 POGR
Raising a secure child : how circle of security parenting can help you nurture your child's attachment, emotional resilience, and freedom to explore / Kent Hoffman, Glen Cooper, and Bert Powell, with Christine M. Benton ; foreword by Daniel J. Siegel
649.1 HOFF
Raising and educating a deaf child : a comprehensive guide to the choices, controversies, and decisions faced by parents and educators / Marc Marschark
362.42083 MARS 2018
Seeing : how light tells us about the world / Tom Cornsweet
152.14 CORN
Signs of resistance : American deaf cultural history, 1900 to World War II / Susan Burch
305.90820973 BURC
Therapy pets : a guide / Jill Eckersley
615.8515 ECKE
Winning by waiting / written by Anastasia Suen ; content consultant Taylor K. Barton, LPC School Counselor
813 SUEN-1
Wonderstruck : a novel in words and pictures / Brian Selznick
813.54 SELZ