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We are rebranding 22 March

We’d like to share some exciting news about our future.

On Monday 22 March 2021, RIDBC will be rebranding—including changing our name—to better reflect the organisation we are today and the organisation we will be in the future. This means that all services, including our schools, will be known by the same name.

Currently, you may know us as Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children; or SCIC, an RIDBC service; the RIDBC Renwick Centre; Taralye, an RIDBC service; EEP, an RIDBC Service; or Catherine Sullivan Centre, an RIDBC service.

Although we have many names, we all have one thing in common: we are all part of RIDBC and we are all committed to our clients, and the work that we do.

Our name is changing

We can’t tell you the new name just yet because it’s a surprise! In saying that, we can’t wait to share our new name, look, and vision with you, on 22 March.

A new name for all our services—one name—means it will be easier for people to find us and understand what we do, which will make it easier for us to do more for those who need us.

But what matters most won’t change. Our clients will still get everything you need from us, and more. Our services won’t change. Our people won’t change. Our dedication and how we do what we do won’t change.

We’ll continue to be the organisation and service you trust.

We’ll remain focused on what makes us who we are—which will always be at the centre of everything we do.

We will always put our clients first and continue to push ourselves to go further, think big and better the experience.

Our next 160 years

Over the 160 years that RIDBC has existed, we’ve significantly expanded and broadened our reach to support more people who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind or have low vision. So, as we move into our next 160 years it’s incredibly important to us that we honour the legacy of our past.

We’re looking forward with great excitement to our next 160 years and what we can achieve together.


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