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Jaylan striving for a podium finish

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“He loves playing with a ball, or anything with wheels”.

A stone’s throw from the iconic Mount Panorama, RIDBC is helping Jaylan navigate life’s tight corners and long straights via Remote Services.

Jaylan is two-years-old. He lives with his Mum Courtney, Dad Bruce, and brothers Kydan and Tyson.

Born with profound hearing loss, Jaylan received bilateral cochlear implants at 9 months. Since then, he has participated in weekly Early Intervention sessions via telepractice from his home in Bathurst, alongside Courtney.

From Mum’s view “we are so thankful that Jaylan can receive his therapy in the comfort of his own home, he is just so happy there!”

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RIDBC Remote Services (formerly known as RIDBC Teleschool) offers therapy in the family home, delivered via telepractice. It removes the barrier of travel whilst ensuring a familiar environment for the child. The goal-oriented sessions are designed to assist parents/guardians with strategies they can use every day with their child.

For RIDBC Remote Services Key Worker, Neryl Horn “Jaylan is a good example of the positive outcomes that can be achieved through early intervention”. Courtney agrees, and highlights his development and improvement with Neryl, in addition to RIDBC Audiologist Damaris Murphy, who sees Jaylan for regular mapping, in Penrith.

Jaylan is the beneficiary of a strong collaborative relationship between the RIDBC services as Neryl and Damaris work closely on developing engaging activities specifically designed for Jaylan. The result is the best possible outcomes for Jaylan and his family, in the form of speech, language and communication skills.

Book-sharing is just one example where this is achieved whereby Jaylan, Courtney and Neryl experience a book together, allowing him to explore, find objects, listen and hear sounds. “Learning the importance of book-sharing as a way to teach Jaylan has been life-changing” explains Courtney.

For Jaylan, his Remote Services Early Intervention is well-supported by his time at the RIDBC ‘Learning to Listen’ Residential Camp for children with hearing loss between 0-5 years old.

Held annually, the camp fosters a social connection for both the children and their families. They are holistic – and involve face-to-face sessions; group activities allowing the children to interact; and seminars offering strategies to parents who simply want to give their children the best start in life.

“It is important that the children see other children who have cochlear implants, just like them” explains Neryl.

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“The [residential] camp has been, and is, amazing for our family” claims Courtney. “Opportunities to play games with other children encourages Jaylan to become more active; which has been crucial in his development of gross motor skills.”

Bruce puts it well by saying “I am amazed at how well he is doing and see the development in his daily activities with his Mum and brothers every day”.

And it is not only Jaylan who is doing well, Neryl compliments parents Courtney and Bruce for “developing effective skills in helping Jaylan to listen with his cochlear implant and providing him with good quality communication to aid his speech and language”.

With positive outcomes it is hard not to look towards the next corner, and despite Jaylan only recently celebrating his second birthday, Courtney and Bruce are being proactive about ‘big school’ by opening conversations with Eglinton Public.

From Bruce “Jaylan has grown from strength to strength and has proved he’s capable of doing and becoming anything that he puts his mind to. As his dad I am so proud of him”.

For now, we don’t know whether Jaylan will be a soccer star or a racing car driver, but one thing we do know is that Jaylan’s world is full of possibilities.

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