School Services

RIDBC school services are designed to ensure your child has access to a high-quality curriculum in an inclusive environment. We support your child with listening and spoken language, Australian Sign Language (AUSLAN), and access to information, technology and learning aids to ensure your child can achieve their goals.

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Children with hearing loss in school

Helping your child reach their potential

RIDBC works with your child through each stage of development to support listening, language, literacy and cognitive, gross and fine motor skills. We design a personalised program that meets your child’s individual needs and progresses with them through their schooling, ensuring they have access to the right support, services and equipment to reach their potential. We work closely with you, your child and your family, so that you have the confidence, knowledge and skills to continue to support your child’s learning needs at home and in the community.

Our specialist schools

Garfield Barwick School offers a Kindergarten – Year 6 learning program for children who have a significant hearing loss and are learning to listen and speak. The school has a strong focus on and reputation for quality, innovative teaching and learning across all areas of the national curriculum, as well as the ongoing development of spoken language. With a highly motivated and committed teaching team, Garfield Barwick School nurtures and supports each student to reach their goals in an inclusive environment that encourages community participation in the classroom.

Thomas Pattison School offers a bilingual program for deaf students from Kindergarten through to Year 6 who use Auslan and English in its written and spoken form. The school has a strong reputation for achieving excellence in bilingual education and caters for the academic, social and cultural needs of children who are deaf and use Auslan as their first language. Underpinned by high-level English language acquisition, the bilingual program delivers competency in written English, and for those with the capacity, spoken language.

Support for students in mainstream schools

RIDBC provides support for deaf or hard of hearing students in mainstream, independent schools across NSW. This support can include:

  • Regular classroom visits by a specialist teacher of the deaf to check in with your child, advocate for any additional supports they may need and monitor progress.
  • Guidance on and advocacy for assistive technologies that can support your child’s learning.
  • Education and support for you and your family to ensure you feel equipped to support learning outside the classroom.
  • Training and development for your local schoolteachers so they can better work with your child in the classroom using hearing devices, structuring an inclusive curriculum and creating a supportive classroom environment.

Who is this service for?

RIDBC school services are available to any child who:

  • Is deaf or hard of hearing
  • Attends Kindergarten – Year 12
  • Is interested in attending an RIDBC specialist school, or
  • Attends a mainstream, independent school or preschool in Australia.