Signs and Sounds

The Signs and Sounds App has been developed to assist those who are learning Auslan and serves as an additional resource to apps such as Auslan Tutor and other Auslan based resources.

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Signs and sounds App
The user is able to watch signs of different objects taken from a variety of places and situations outside or around the home. Videos include the finger spelt words to aid finger spelling learning. The option to listen to the sound each object makes or sound of each object is also available.

Categories include:

  • Wild animals
  • Farm animals
  • Domestic animals
  • Australian animals
  • Garden
  • Transport
  • Musical instruments
  • Orchestral instruments
  • Safety
  • Household
  • Weather
  • Park

In the ‘Which Sign?’ section, you can test your knowledge of signs by matching the correct sign to the corresponding picture, chosen at random. The sign can be played at normal speed, slowed down or a sound can be played of the object. We have included an additional resource to help those with fingerspelling. You can view all the different signs for each letter of the alphabet.