Listen and Learn

This simple fun game aims to help children learn the sounds of common objects, vehicles and popular animals. Clear and simple graphics are animated when each sound is heard.

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Listen and Learn App

Users can select from 12 different categories such as Australian Animals, Domestic Animals, Farm Animals, Wild Animals, Orchestral Instruments, Musical Instruments, Weather, Transport Sounds, Safety Sounds, Household Sounds,  Park Sounds and Garden Sounds. This Australian based app focuses on sounds heard in Australia, such as animals and safety sounds but also includes objects known anywhere.

Included is a ‘Which sound?’ game for children to test their knowledge of sounds. A random sound is heard and the child has to select which sound they heard from a choice of 2 images. After 5 consecutive correct answers, they are rewarded with an animated firework celebration.

This app was developed in cooperation with professionals in the field of hearing and vision impairment, and is compatible with iOS VoiceOver software. Careful consideration was taken with sounds used and images displayed on screen.


  • 12 different categories of sounds
  • Randomised sounds each time
  • Australian sounds
  • ‘Which sound?’ game included
  • Real sound recordings
  • Colourful animated graphics

Animal sounds in game:

Crocodile, dingo, emu, kangaroo, wombat, cockatoo, kookaburra, possum, cat, fish, hamster, mouse, parrot, puppy dog, snake, chicken, cow, dog, goat, goose, horse, pig, rooster, sheep, dolphins, elephant, hippo, hyena, lion, mountain lion, whale, zebra, bees, birds, crickets, frogs

Instrument sounds in game:

Acoustic guitar, cymbal, didgeridoo, drums, electric guitar, harmonica, pan flute, sax, samba shakers, clarinet, flute, harp, piano, trombone, trumpet, violin

Other sounds in game:

Digging, lawnmower, shed door, water splash, alarm clock, bath, dishes, doorbell, kettle, microwave, phone, tv, washing machine, bike bell, boat, bus, car horn, helicopter, motorbike, plane, train, truck, ambulance, fire alarm, fire truck, pedestrian crossing, police, smoke alarm, traffic, train crossing, hail, heavy rain, lightning, snow, sunny, thunder, windy

Includes a ‘parent gate’ child lock mechanism, so whilst children are using ‘Listen & Learn’ they cannot access links that allow you to leave app.