Hearing Assessments

RIDBC offers hearing assessments at three of our sites for children from three weeks of age, including those with special needs. Hearing assessments are delivered by experienced audiologists in a child-friendly environment.

Learn about Hearing Loss

Isha having her hearing tested at JPAC

A playful environment

Our tests are performed in a sound booth that’s designed to be child-friendly with the use of toys in a play-like environment. Specialist audiological staff are used for children under three years of age, or those who have special needs.

We understand that any medical test can be daunting for parents, however, a hearing assessment is entirely safe. Our specialist paediatric audiologists are experienced in working with children from birth onwards and will create a comfortable environment for your child.

Hearing assessments are available at three RIDBC locations: the Jim Patrick Audiology Centre, North Rocks, New South Wales; Liverpool, New South Wales; and Taralye, Blackburn, Victoria.

Hearing loss can occur at any age and has a number of underlying causes.

More information

Contact either our North Rocks, Liverpool, or Blackburn centre directly to make an appointment. For Australians covered by Medicare, you will need a referral from your GP and your Medicare card.

Most services do have a cost; however, some are bulk billed and covered by Medicare. Our team can discuss this with you at the time of making your appointment.

This service is designed for children; however, eligible adults can have their hearing tested by the Sydney Cochlear Implant Program (SCIC), an RIDBC service, as part of their cochlear implant assessment.