Cochlear Implant Services

Cochlear implants can be the right solution for many people who are deaf or hard of hearing, from newborns to those aged 90+. RIDBC delivers Australia’s leading cochlear implant program, helping more Australians access this life-changing technology.

Cochlear Implant Program Brochure

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A comprehensive, world-class program

We deliver Australia’s largest, most comprehensive cochlear implant program, giving you access to leading surgeons, an expert team of health professionals and the latest technologies, often without out-of-pockets costs. Our program is the only public program in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory. In Queensland we partner with public hospitals.

We strive to improve on our evidence-based clinical services and better our understanding of innovative hearing technologies. Our clinicians are actively involved in a number of leading research projects both independently and in collaboration with local and international organisations.

You can find out more about our cochlear implant research at the Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre (SCIC) website.

With you every step of the way

Our program provides support and care throughout the entire cochlear implant journey for you and your family. From your initial hearing assessment, through to the cochlear implantation and ongoing support, we’ll be with you the whole way. We provide essential support to ensure you receive the best outcome and response to the new sounds being experienced, including:

  • Pre-assessment advice
  • Assessment support
  • ENT consultations
  • Organising surgery
  • Technical programming of your device
  • Ongoing holistic care
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Integrated early intervention services for children.

Unlike hearing aids, which make sound louder, a cochlear implant stimulates the hearing nerve directly to provide access to sound. It can be a great solution for people of all ages, helping you access a higher-quality, more detailed sound that can change the way you connect with the world.

Cochlear implants are suitable for people who are deaf or hard of hearing of all ages, from birth to those aged 90+. They may be an appropriate solution if you, your child or your loved one:

  • Have a moderate to profound hearing loss in one or both ears and/or
  • Find it difficult to hear others on the phone or in noisy environments and/or
  • Find that hearing aids are not effective.

Australia’s leading Cochlear Implant Program

Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre (SCIC), an RIDBC service, is a world-leader in outcomes, research and innovation. Surgeries are conducted by Australia’s leading ENT surgeons, using the latest technologies. Our program is one of the most advanced in the world and we have provided thousands of cochlear implants to people of all ages.

An expert team, in your corner

With RIDBC, you don’t just have a group of specialists, you have an integrated team that works together to give you the best possible care and support. From your audiologist to your surgeon to your allied health professionals (e.g. teacher of the deaf, speech pathologist, occupational therapist, psychologist), we share a single goal – to reach the best possible outcomes for you or your child.

A fully-funded program

If you are an Australian resident covered by Medicare, cochlear implants and our support services generally come with no out-of-pocket cost. We are able to provide our services through government funding, private health insurance, and support from donations.

Support, wherever you are

RIDBC has centres across Australia, but if you are not near a centre, our remote services can assist. Services such as audiology, assessment and cochlear implant mapping are available in your home over a high-quality video link.

Here, whenever you need us

We know that if you need support for your cochlear implant, it might not be within office hours. That’s why we have an out of hours emergency helpline that is there for you, whenever you need us.

Did you know….

  • A single cochlear implant can improve understanding of speech by up to seven times.
  • Hearing loss is the number one biggest modifiable risk for dementia in middle age.
  • More than 92% of adults with significant hearing loss in Australia who could benefit from a cochlear implant haven’t explored the technology.