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Make a Stand – and make the difference

Graphic of kids artwork representing lemonade stand

Let’s Make Lemonade!

It might seem like we’ve all been handed a big lemon from COVID-19 right now. Plans are on hold, kids are stuck at home and managing it all is a bit tricky. But we want to find the positive in all this and, as they say – “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

That’s why we’re inviting you to Make a Stand for kids in need by creating an old-school lemonade stand at home, just like many of us did when we were young. But, there’s a twist to this traditional fundraising activity – we want you to sell your virtual lemonade online! It’s a chance for kids to get creative and learn just how fun it can be to help others. You’ll bust at-home boredom AND make a huge difference for families in need during these challenging times. Plus you’ll show your kids the importance of giving back to their community and how good this can feel.