Our Surgeons

As a leader in the provisioning of cochlear implant and related services, RIDBC has some of the world’s most experienced adult and paediatric ear nose and throat (ENT) surgeons. Each year, these surgeons perform hundreds of life-changing cochlear implant surgeries throughout Australia.
Catherine Birman with a baby who was just switched on

Clinical Professor Catherine Birman

Clinical Professor Birman is one of the most experienced cochlear implant surgeons in the world, having performed more than 1,500 cochlear implant procedures for children and adults from three months to well over 90 years.

Professor Bill Gibson

Professor Bill Gibson is a renowned ear, nose and throat (ENT) Surgeon and world leader in cochlear implantation and Menière’s disease. He is an early pioneer of SCIC – Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre – in Australia and has performed just over 2,000 cochlear implant surgeries.

Dr Daron Cope

Dr Daron Cope is an adult and paediatric ENT surgeon and expert in nose, sinus and ear disease, with an interest in regional and under-serviced communities.

Dr Toby Corlette

Dr Corlette is a paediatric and adult ENT surgeon based in the Hunter area.

Dr Graeme Crossland

Dr Crossland is one of the most reputable ENT surgeons in the Northern Territory. He specialises in cochlear implantation and otolaryngology head and neck surgery.

Associate Professor Melville da Cruz

Professor da Cruz is a highly regarded ENT surgeon at Westmead Public and Westmead Private Hospitals, and an Associate Professor of Otolaryngology at the University of Sydney.

Dr Robert L. Eisenberg

Dr Eisenberg is the Head of Department and current Supervisor of Surgical Training for ENT, Head and Neck Surgery in the Hunter-New England region. He has extensive experience in successful surgeries for hearing and diseases of the ear.

Dr Johnson Huang

Dr Huang practises in Newcastle as a qualified ENT surgeon specialising in otology and skull base surgery. His surgical experience includes cochlear implantation and complex ear cases, through to sinonasal pathology.

Dr Joshua Jervis-Bardy

Dr Joshua Jervis-Bardy is a reputable sub-specialist ear surgeon based in northern NSW with an expertise and passion for otology.

Associate Professor Jonathan Kong

Professor Kong is a well-known paediatric and adult ENT surgeon who performs one of the highest numbers of cochlear implant surgeries per year in Sydney.

Associate Professor Kelvin Kong

Professor Kong qualified as the first Aboriginal Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS). He practices in Newcastle as a surgeon specialising in otolaryngology, and ENT surgery.

Dr Timothy Makeham

Dr Makeham is a Canberra-based otolaryngologist and ENT surgeon renowned for his surgical techniques and skill.

Dr Hemi Patel

Dr Patel is an experienced ENT surgeon practicing in Tiwi, Northern Territory. He has a special interest in children’s ENT, cochlear implantation, thyroid and parotid surgery, ear and sinus surgery.

Dr Alex Saxby

Dr Saxby is a consultant ENT surgeon and specialist otologist treating adults and children. He is a Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery at Sydney University and Head of Department for Otolaryngology at the Northern Beaches Hospital.

Dr Joanna Walton

Dr Walton is an adult and paediatric ENT surgeon with sub-specialty interests in otology and cochlear implant surgery.