A Stronger Future for People with Vision Loss


The Australian Childhood Vision Impairment Register

The Australian Childhood Vision Impairment Register was founded to collect the data required to build an accurate picture of the number of children with vision impairment in Australia.

Sponsored by RIDBC, and founded in partnership with families, health professionals, educators and agencies, the register gives providers and researchers access to data to increase vital services, support funding requests and provide targeted support to the community.

For more information on the register visit www.vifamilynetwork.org.au

Braille Literacy

Literacy rates have long been a key indicator for educational institutions, and now Tricia d’Apice, a vision consultant at RIDBC Teleschool, has been awarded a NSW Premier’s Teacher Scholarship to measure literacy rates for braille readers across the country.

These rates have not previously been measured, and the data collected will help to inform and improve the methodologies and resources used to teach braille reading.

“This research will allow us to determine whether students with vision impairment are reading at the same rate as their sighted peers; and if needed, how we can better help them develop the essential literacy skills they will need for life,” says Tricia.

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